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The one and only CRABMASTER II

The CRABMASTER is a patented machine designed to extract meat from the Atlantic Blue Crab.

Comes with complete instructions on preparation and use, as well a cookbook.

Click here to view just the Instructions for the CrabMaster (.pdf file)

NOTE: Although the SKU remains PEA CM1, it is the Crabmaster II that will be ordered. The supplier part number has never been changed.

Works with RAW, CHILLED crabs ONLY!

I repeat: crabs must be raw and chilled to gel the meat. (See Instructions)

The pics belowshow steps to cleaning your crabs for eating, to avoid the odor that youget when you cook them whole/alive like lobsters.

Crab Cleaning Steps

It is also possible to speed the chilling process by placing in the freezer for about 2 ½ hours, but be careful not to freeze the meat all the way.

Preparing Blue Claw Crabs
for Cooking
and How To Use The Crabmaster

To see a Larger Size Photo/Text version of this step by step on cleaning the crabclickhere.

We found this great instructional video by MsGrit on YouTube.
We (Scott, Mo and Russ) loved the video, she did a great job with it.
The crabmaster people themselves should have done a video like this!
NOTE: The video was made in 2010, when the price paid by the customer who made the video was lower. Current price is what is listed here in the catalog. ~Staff @ Scott's

OrderYour Crabmaster Today!
It seperates the meat from the shell in minutes,
saving you hours of picking meat out by hand! 

 If you haven'talready seen it---check out thesheddercrab demo
and the article oncrabsas bait!
Or, return to FishingPage!

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