If warmer will not stay warm (causes)
1) Some lighter fluids, while non-smoking, will not keep the warmer lit or will burn too hot (and damage the warmer) – you must use Jon-e fluid for effective use.
2) Overfilling (very easy to do) - empty the warmer and let it air dry, then carefully refill.
3) You can allow more airflow by putting a couple of holes in the carry bag, since we've noticed these modern warmers are more temperamental about airflow than the old style ones.

Jon-ë Handwarmer Instructions

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your warmer and the above instruction page did not help, please contact the manufacturer via their website at: http://www.outers-guncare.com for warranty info and further assistance. All warrantees must be addressed to Outers Guncare directly.

These items are currently NO LONGER AVAILABLE from the manufacturer:
#701 Giant Handwarmer
#721 Carry Bag f/701 Giant
#704 Element for Giant Warmer
#720 Carry Bag f/700 Std
#703 Element for 700 std
#705 Body Belt
#707 Wicks

The Jon-e brand has been discontinued and we no longer carry these items.
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