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The manufacturer has discontinued all Jon-e products, but we continue to display the instructions to assist handwarmer owners.

For the Jon-ë Handwarmer
by Blount, Inc.

(as copied from the Jon-ë manual included with the handwarmer)

In purchasing the Jon-ë Handwarmer you have purchased a product that will last a lifetime or more with reasonable care. There are no moving parts to wear out. The heart of the Jon-ë is its platinum catalyst heating element. Once you heat the element to its operating temperature it will provide continuous heat by consuming (without any flame) the Jon-ë Handwarmer Fluid you have placed in the base of the handwarmer. The heating element warms the chrome-plated case which radiates warmth through the carrying bag to your hand. that is why it is safe to use and can be held in any position in your hand.

WARNING! A Jon-ë Handwarmer is made to generate heat. To avoid a skin burn always keep it in the carrying bag and change its position frequently. When removed from cloth carrying bag and left uncovered in the open air it can get HOT! Do not allow uncovered operating Jon-ë Handwarmer to come in contact with your skin. Do not use while sleeping; or with an unattended handicapped person or small child.

1.How to Fill Your Jon-ë Handwarmer. Start your Jon-ë Handwarmer indoors in the absence of wind and draft for fast and easy starting. Remove both chrome-plated top cover...

2....and the heating element (don't touch heating element material) to expose absorbent cotton/screen inside base of your Jon-ë Handwarmer.

3.Fill plastic fuel dispenser with Jon-ë Handwarmer Fluid to line

indicated thereon. Tilt Handwarmer and slowly pour fluid on absorbent cotton/screen in the base of the Warmer, wetting the lighting wick as you do this. Two dispensers of fluid filled to indicated line will fill the base and provide 8-12 hours of heat from the Jon-ë standard size model and up to 36 hours with giant size model using giant size fluid dispenser. If you are going to use your Handwarmer five hours or less, use one dispenser of fluid. Wipe off any fluid on outside of bas and wipe up spilled fluid too!

4.CHECK FOR OVER FILLING. Do not overfill. Shake out excess fuel as illustrated below.

Turn base upside down and shake out any excess fluid. WIPE OFF any fluid on outside of case! WIPE UP spilled fluid too! CAUTION: Spilled fluid is highly flammable! Do not ignite a match or cigarette lighter flame near spillage, clothing wet with fluid, or napkin/rag used to wipe up spillage because it will flame up! Anything wet with spillage should be allowed to air out and evaporate the fluid completely before any flame is ignited nearby.

5.Replace heating element on top of base without touching element material
6.Stand your Jon-ë Handwarmer upright and level on flat surface out of wind and drafts. Ignite lighting wick and let wick burn for one (1) minute.
7.Blow out wick. Replace chrome plated top cover. Let Handwarmer stand 4-5 minutes without handling. Pick up Handwarmer with gloved hand (as it can be hot) and place it in carrying bag. Your Jon-ë Handwarmer will now give you warmth all day in any position you carry it until it has consumed the Jon-ë Handwarmer Fluid in the base.

8.To stop Jon-ë heating action pry off element with knife or edge of perforated cover. It will go out in about 30 seconds. When it has cooled replace element and cover. It will not heat again until re-lighted.

To generate more heat open drawstring on bag to give Jon-ë more air.

If Jon-ë Goes Out From Overfilling
If Jon-ë is overfilled, the excess fluid in the base will expand upon getting hot and wet the heating element. The heating action of the heating element will stop immediately with no danger of fire or flame. If you overfill, remove the heating element and shake out the excess fluid from the base. Before replacing the heating element, place heating element in a clean ashtray and ignite. Let excess fluid burn off and allow heating element to cool off before replacing heating element and igniting in usual way.

Pre-mature snuffing
Sometimes the warmer is lit but will not stay lit for more than a short period of time, or goes out after being placed in the bag. If it appears not to be overfilled and overfill instructions have been tested, it is possible that the particular warmer might need a bit more air. A few holes applied to the bag will allow for increased air circulation.

To Remove Carbon From Heating Element
If black carbon appears on heating element, proper lighting procedures were not followed and it indicates the element was lit in a draft or the Handwarmer was tilted and handled while lighting.

To burn off carbon, light Handwarmer correctly. Put cover back on and let Handwarmer stand without bag in draft-free room and do not handle. Place the Handwarmer where an unsuspecting person or child will not touch it as the Handwarmer will be extremely HOT!! The extreme heat will consume the carbon by the time the Handwarmer goes out.

Do not use any automotive gasoline as it is explosive! It will destroy the heating element too. Use Jon-ë Handwarmer Fluid for best results. Cigarette light fluid may also be used. Do not use other petroleum products. Do not use Jon-ë Fluid on charcoal or charcoal fire. NOTE: USING FLUIDS OTHER THAN JON-E'S HANDWARMER FLUID MAY RESULT IN HANDWARMER SNUFFING OUT

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