Model Specs:

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  • Full metal body and sideplates keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads
  • Push-To-Turn™ preset knob eliminates accidental changes to the drag
  • Ratcheted drag lever prevents "drag creep" caused by hours of trolling and vibrations
  • Machined, gold anodized one-piece frame
  • Forged and machined spool and side plates
  • Four aircraft-grade, shielded, stainless steel ball bearings
  • Machine-cut, stainless steel main gear, pinion gear, and drag cam
  • Ultimate adjustable clicker available on 12 size only
Mono Cap
Braid Cap
Bearings Max Drag Gear Ratio Line Retrieve
4 28lbs. / 45lbs. 3.1:1 34

Parts Listing:

Availability SKU Name Price  
60-50 In Stock 60-50 60-50 Washer, Backing/Thrust Washer $1.10 More Info
81-50 81-50 Ratchet $6.90 More Info
141-50 141-50 Cam Follower $14.10 More Info
18-50TW 18-50TW Spring, Clutch, Disc Clutch Spring, Heavy (uses 2) $1.40 More Info
54-50T 54-50T Lug, Harness Lug (uses 2) $3.45 More Info
18-50W 18-50W Spring, Clutch, Disc Clutch Spring, Light $1.70 More Info
110A-50 110A-50 Plate, Locking, Handle Locking Plate $3.45 More Info
110-50 In Stock 110-50 110-50 Screw $0.70 More Info
34C-70 34C-70 Screw With Nut, for Rod Clamp (uses 2) $14.05 More Info
117AN-70 117AN-70 Inner Drive Plate Assembly with Dura-Drag™ Washer $39.65 More Info
149-70 149-70 Nut, Clamp Nut, Long (uses 2) $3.50 More Info
55-50 55-50 Bearing, Ball Bearing $16.55 More Info
2-50VS 2-50VS Ring, Quadrant Ring $10.75 More Info
7A-50VS 7A-50VS Washer, Metal Drag Washer $24.85 More Info
13B-50VSW 13B-50VSW Sleeve, Pinion or Spool Sleeve $4.85 More Info
19-50VS 19-50VS Eccentric $19.30 More Info
21-50VS 21-50VS Lever, Eccentric Lever $14.20 More Info
141-50VS 141-50VS Cam Follower $24.15 More Info
143-50VS 143-50VS Screw, Preset Screw $11.05 More Info
168-115 - Limit (5) 168-115 Wrench $0.70 More Info
33-70 - Not Available 33-70 Rod Clamp, Aluminum, Black with Ring More Info
195-40 195-40 Retaining "E" Ring $1.10 More Info
23-114 23-114 Screw, Handle Screw, Chrome Fin. with Oiler $4.15 More Info
124L-50VS In Stock 124L-50VS 124L-50VS Cover, Bridge Cover Assembly $57.90 More Info
24C-50M 24C-50M Cap, Handle Knob Cap, Rubber $2.40 More Info
18-349 18-349 Spring $1.10 More Info
1N-50VS 1N-50VS Plate, Handle Side, Assembly $154.35 More Info
4-12LT 4-12LT Washer, Teflon Washer $0.85 More Info
29N-50VSW 29N-50VSW Spool, Aluminum (Gold Finish) $185.40 More Info
30-50VS In Stock 30-50VS 30-50VS Stand $37.40 More Info
33C-70VS 33C-70VS Rod Clamp Kit Clamp/Studs/Nuts/Wrench $37.50 More Info
34-70VS 34-70VS Screw, Rod Clamp Screw (uses 2) $11.70 More Info
117DN-70VS 117DN-70VS Drive Plate Assembly with Dura-Drag™ Washer $52.95 More Info
41-70 41-70 Spring, Drag/Bearing Spring (1/2 inch dia.) $6.10 More Info
13-50VW 13-50VW Gear, Pinion Gear $55.70 More Info
5-50VW 5-50VW Gear, Main Gear, Stainless $21.55 More Info
119-50 119-50 Plate, Main Gear Coupling Plate $4.45 More Info
35-70VS 35-70VS Tongue, Click Tongue $5.95 More Info
27N-50VW 27N-50VW Plate, Non-Handle Side Plate $104.75 More Info
50-30VW In Stock 50-30VW 50-30VW Shield, Gear Stud Shield $14.35 More Info
134-50VW 134-50VW Stud, Gear Stud $21.10 More Info
183N-50VW 183N-50VW Frame, Tube $116.20 More Info
38N-7 38N-7 Screw, Coupling Plate Screw (uses 3) $0.75 More Info
98A-50VW 98A-50VW Spacer, Gear Stud Spacer $9.55 More Info
173-50VS 173-50VS Retainer, Bearing Retainer $6.90 More Info
264-30VS 264-30VS Gasket, Stand Gasket $2.00 More Info
2A-50VS 2A-50VS Spacer, Quadrant Ratchet Spacer $3.20 More Info
36C-50VSW 36C-50VSW Button, Click Button Complete Assembly $31.05 More Info
33C-70 33C-70 Rod Clamp Kit Clamp/Studs/Nuts/Wrench $41.30 More Info
156N-50VS 156N-50VS Cover, Drag Cover, Assembly $15.30 More Info
23M-114 23M-114 Screw, Handle Screw, Matte Fin. with Oiler $6.90 More Info
34C-70VS - Limit (10) 34C-70VS Screw with Nut, for Rod Clamp (uses 2) $20.20 More Info
33N-70 - Limit (5) 33N-70 Rod Clamp, Andodized Cast Iron with Ring $23.35 More Info
168-TANI In Stock 168-TANI 168-TANI Heavy Duty Penn Handle Nut Wrench by Alan Tani $15.00 More Info
25-50M 25-50M Knob, Handle, Soft Grip $30.05 More Info
24N-50T 24N-50T Handle, Ergonomic, Rubber $41.35 More Info
PEN LRGRC LRGRC Cover, Reel Cover, Conventional, Size Large $14.99 More Info
25S-50M - Not Available 25S-50M Knob, Handle, Soft Grip, Stainless Stud More Info
22-109 In Stock 22-109 22-109 Screw (SEM 540 x 156) $1.00 More Info
23-750 23-750 Screw $0.85 More Info
38-710 38-710 Nut $0.75 More Info
52-910 52-910 Ring, Retaining Ring $0.60 More Info
36S-80ST 36S-80ST Cap, Click Button Cap $0.70 More Info
55-80ST 55-80ST Bearing, Ball Bearing $19.30 More Info
62-545 62-545 Spring, Click Spring $0.60 More Info
62-50 62-50 Spring, Click Spring $1.00 More Info
36N-50 36N-50 Button, Click Button (ONLY) (New Version) $15.20 More Info
36-700 36-700 Nut, Locking Nut $1.70 More Info
63A-50 63A-50 Screw, Long, Handle Stud $1.40 More Info
15-50 15-50 Dog (uses 2) $1.00 More Info
101-30 In Stock 101-30 101-30 Screw, Torque Head Screw $0.55 More Info
63-30T 63-30T Screw $0.55 More Info
95B-70 95B-70 Plate, Retaining Plate $1.95 More Info
95-70 95-70 Bushing. Click Tongue $5.80 More Info
63-50 63-50 Screw, Short, Handle Knob Screw $1.10 More Info
14-50 14-50 Spring, Flat Dog Spring (uses 2) $3.20 More Info
95A-50 95A-50 Washer, Click Bushing Lock Washer $0.85 More Info
91N-50 91N-50 Handle Rivet $8.55 More Info
112B-70 112B-70 Screw, Eccentric Knob Screw $6.90 More Info
31T-70 31T-70 Screw, Short, Torq Head $0.75 More Info
67-70 67-70 Washer, Pinion Gear Washer $0.85 More Info
41-50 41-50 L. S. Spring, Bearing Spring $2.40 More Info
67A-70 67A-70 Screw, Retaining, Pinion Retaining Screw $1.00 More Info
156B-30VS 156B-30VS Plate, Lock Plate $2.10 More Info
154-80 154-80 Shim, Gear Stud (uses 1 to 2) $1.40 More Info
156A-30VS 156A-30VS Pin, Lock Pin $1.40 More Info
112C-30VS 112C-30VS Plate, Drag Click Plate $0.95 More Info
112-30VS 112-30VS Knob, Eccentric Lever Knob Assembly $25.50 More Info
112A-30VS 112A-30VS Sleeve, Drag Lever Knob Sleeve $7.85 More Info
112E-30VS 112E-30VS Housing, Drag Lever Click Plate Housing $1.50 More Info
302D-525MAG 302D-525MAG Magnet Spring $1.10 More Info
112B-30VS 112B-30VS Knob, Drag Lever Knob $21.55 More Info
13B-70 13B-70 Sleeve, Pinion Gear $2.70 More Info
161C-30VSW 161C-30VSW Pin, Locating Pin Assembly (uses 2) $6.90 More Info
31-80VS 31-80VS Screw, Side Plate Screw $0.75 More Info
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