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  Spinfisher REEL SPECS  


Spinfisher Spinning reels (700 series) - You can fight game fish to a satisfying finish with these Penn Spinfisher Reels, and enjoy their silky smooth action. Strong, full range drags give you positive line control without chatter. Tungsten carbide line rollers won't groove. Stainless components include ball bearings. Won't rust, won't wear.
Penn 702 is the left handed version of Penn 700, with right hand drive. (1966 Manual)

Spinfisher Z Series - The classic guys. Built to keep on fishing, these are the only quality internal spool spinning reels made in U.S.A. Serious anglers turn Spinfisher Z for just about every type of angling - from casting to wave-swept bars in the Hatteras surf to worming the lilly pads for largemouth bass, from tossing live bait under buoys for cobia to fishing the weed beds for crappie.
The 704Z/705Z is recommended for medium-heavy salt and fresh water fishing. The 705Z is the left-handed version of 704Z.
The 710Z/711Z model is recommended for medium salt and fresh water fish. The 711Z model is the left-handed version of the 710Z model.
The 712Z/713Z model is recommended for medium salt and fresh water fish. The 713Z model is the left-handed version of the 712Z model.
The 714Z/716Z models are recommended for ultra light fresh and salt water fish.
The 720Z/722Z models are recommended for light salt and fresh water fish.
(1998 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY:  Early 1960's models of the Spinfisher series were green, blue, brown or black. Green seems to be the color seen the most in the older reels, with white and silver cosmetics on the handle/drag knob/spool. We think the blue and brown models might have been special orders for sale at large department stores at the time. There was an intermediate black/silver release, then the black/gold Z line came out.

Name/Series: Spinfisher Series  


    Stainless steel bail.
    Stainless steel main shaft.
    Stainless steel, hard chrome plated line roller.
    Shielded stainless steel ball bearings.
    Collapsible handle.
    Selective click anti-reverse.
    Smooth dependable drag system.

    All Z series (black and gold):
    Housings, rotor cups and sideplates are anodized die cast aluminum and feature a durable, baked enamel finish.
    Machined and anodized aluminum spool. Some older Green/Blue/Brown Models had plastic spools that matched the color of the reel, or metal spools that were silver or black.



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