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  140L, 140L-LH, 145, 146L Squidder  

REEL INFO: Squidder - The Penn Squidder reels have tournament grade casting performance and the rugged strength needed for hard fishing. Best of materials. Penn traditional workmanship make these reels unmatched among conventional reels.(2005 Penn Catalog)

The 140 Squidder was the first of the Squidder-series created, and it's still manufactured today, albeit with new materials. The 1941 version of this reel featured a light weight plastic spool and a nickel-silver frame, and was also available as a left-handed model (confusingly, this left handed model was number 140L). In the late 80's the 140L was manufactured, featuring an aluminum spool, and the left handed model of this version became the 140L-LH.
The 145 Squidder was the second Squidder to enter the Squidder-series. In the early 60's this reel was manufactured for the first time, it was discontinued around 1980.
The 146 Squidder was the third and final Squidder to enter the Squidder-series. In the early 60's this reel was manufactured for the first time and was manufactured until Penn discontinued it in the year 2000. In 1985 the first light-weight aluminum spool versions became available, as model 146L.

Name/Series: Squidder


  • Reinforced side plates.
  • Counterbalanced soft grip handle.
  • Chrome plated brass exposed metal componants.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings and pinion gear and a high strenth bronze alloy main gear.
  • Easy to operate star drag.
  • HT-100 multi-disc star drag.
  • Counterbalanced soft grip handle.
  • Dual Eccentric System.

Take Apart Construction

The term "Take-Apart" refers to the feature of quick and easy take-down of the reel for cleaning or spool change. To effect this, unscrew the knurled take-apart screw ( part TA 200 ) three turns to the left and then pull it outward ( away from plate ), at the same time rotate the right side plate about 1/4 inch to the left ( counter-clockwise ) and pull it away from the reel frame, taking care not to drop the freed spool. To re-assemble, reverse the entire operation, making sure to screw the take-apart screw into the reel frame, as otherwise the right side plate might be lost.
TA-200 became 129-200



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