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Penn "Roddy" Info

About Roddy Reels
We've had some requests about parts for Penn Roddy reels, but we are not stocking them at this time because no source for parts has been found.

The Roddy reels were being manufactured by one of then co-owners of Penn, Master Rod Co. (Penn has since changed ownership). They carried the Penn name as part of the partnership but they were not under Penn's manufacturing jurisdiction as per the sales representative we deal with. Since they were not being manufactured by Penn directly...Penn will not have a supply of these parts. If that should change, we will add them to our inventory.

Other reels that also were not made by Penn:
Master or Roddy Pro Tournament 315, 330, 331, 335, 350, 365, 370, 370A, 370-CL, 375 spinning reels

Roddy Schematics:

Click Reel Numbers Below to view and/or print schematics.
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Roddy 341
Roddy 351
Roddy 361
Roddy 175
Roddy 181
Roddy 186

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Calcutta Pliers

Calcutta Aluminum 7" Plier W/ Sheath & Lanyard

These pliers are a must have for any angler! Made from marine grade aluminum they are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and durable. The sheath goes through your belt to have at your side for any occasion on the boat, whether it's tying up a quick rig, cutting the line since it has cutters built in to cut braid, or to pull a hook out of a fishes mouth, this is the tool to have! A lanyard attached to the sheath keeps the pliers from going overboard if you are getting a hook out over the boat.

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69-704 Manual Bail Kit

This manual bail kit will fit on the early 700, 704 and 705 reels, as well as the 704Z and 705Z newer reels. It will not fit on any of the other 700 series reels.

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