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Common Repair Problems - Conventional Reels

Line Guide Problems

If your line guide is not working it could be jammed in a dent or cut in the worm's groove, which is supposed to be smooth. Things to look at in the worm assembly:

  • Pawl - check the teeth for raggedness/excessive wear. You only need to order the pawl cover if you cannot seperate them. The cover screw is a separate peice.
  • Worm Assembly - check the grooves for nicks/dents where the pawl could get stuck, check the gear to make sure it still has sharp clean teeth. This is one or two pieces depending on the reel - check the schematic for part numbers.
  • Idler gear #64 on the schematic - white plastic gear, check to make sure it still has sharp clean teeth

Other Line Guide Problems:

  • Line guide - if your line guide is popping out of the groove, it could be bent out of shape. Try adjusting it.

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