Here you will find kits made by Penn or by us here at Scott's Bait & Tackle.
These are organized by subcategory, with a few misc. items listed below the categories.

Currently, we DO NOT carry kits/conversions by Newell, Accurate, Smooth Drag, etc.

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Design Change Kits & Troubleshooting   Design Change Kits & Troubleshooting
Over the years, Penn has made design changes on some of their reels. As we find these changes, we try to put together design change kits referencing the old/new parts. This section contains those kits and notes. These should be in order by reel model #.
  Manual Bail Kits
Manual Bail Kits for some Penn spinning reels. Many of these are no longer available.
We are considering having some parts made, but there is nothing set at this time. Check back periodically for updates.
  Cap Kits
These spool tension control caps can work loose and fall off if over-loosened, losing the cap and the washers/spring underneath.
Currently has kits for some of the GT and GTO reels.
  Clamp Kits
Clamp kits for conventional and international reels, sorted first by reel model #, then by kit number.
  Conversions to Smaller Spool
This section is for some of the smaller conventional reels, to convert to a narrower spool design.
Custom Parts   Custom Parts
Parts manufacturer by aftermarket machine shops. Stainless Steel gear sleeves by Alan Tani. Stainless and Chrome posts for 117/118 reels, made by Bill Toomey. Manufactured in the USA.
  Drag Washer Kits
Drag kits for Penn standard conventional and spinning reels. Some are pre-kitted by Penn, others we put together due to the many requests for drag washer kits.
  Gear Kits
Older Penn gear kits for the 535GS, 545GS and 555GS reels, used with the older style 6-49 drag washers.

Also, The Torque Versa-Gear Kits

Reel Conversions and Modifications   Reel Conversions and Modifications
Site page of how to's for repair and upgrade. Includes some sources for custom work.
Convert Conventional Reel to Left Hand   Left Hand Conventional Reel Conversion
9-60 In Stock 9-60 9-60 Sleeve, Spacing Sleeve - (optional variations)
Variations allow for more/less play in handle - see description.
More Info
18-50TWSP In Stock 18-50TWSP
18-50TWSP Clutch Spring Kit $6.60 More Info
33C-632  Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 33C-632
33C-632 Rep. Hardware Kit for Penn Quick Mounts


$15.75 More Info
133C-600SP In Stock 133C-600SP 133C-600SP KIT: Base Plate with Screws, Nuts & Washers
Direct product replacement: Troll-Master PR-1001 Downrigger Mounting Base Kit $29.00
$29.00 More Info
310GT to 310GT2LC Line Counter Conversion Kit 310GT to 310GT2LC Line Counter Conversion Kit $131.80 More Info
Sargus Conversion to Battle Bail Wire Sargus Conversion to Battle Bail Wire $0.00 More Info
KIT209-209LC 209 Conversion Kit to 209LC $46.40 More Info
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