Senator Series REEL SPECS  

REEL INFO: Penn Senator models are the most widely enjoyed big game reels around the world and have been used in setting most big game records. They satisfy every need for capacity, dependability, resistance to corrosion and easy smooth handling. The Penn senator big game family of fine reels serve virtually every fishing requirement. ((1977 Penn Catalog)
HISTORY: The Penn senator was one of Penn's first series. Two seperate Senator series were made at first: One for big game trolling, and one for light tackle fishing. In the early 60's the "Special Senators" were added to the series; reels for fast light tackle game fishing with extra power and a higher gear ratio. In the late 80's the Senator II high speed casting models were added to the Senator-family, and the remaining original big game Senators were replaced by new models. Most of the original big game and light tackle models are not manufactured anymore, but many of the later additions can still be bought today. The 113H has been through several changes. The first models did not have a clicker. Later ones, the clicker was added. The most recent generations have a half-frame instead of the original posts. In 2009 Penn started replacing their H series reels with H2 reels, made in China.

Name/Series: Senator Light Tackle Trolling


    One-piece cast brass spool.
    Hard steel driving gears, stainless steel pinion gears.
    Hand polished chromium plated external metal parts.
    Comfortable torpedo handle.
    One-shot lubrication system.



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