Mag Power Series REEL SPECS


Mag Power Series - Penn Mag Power casting reels are true fishing reels. Precision made. Penn tough. Great for surf..or boat. A single powerful magnet made from precious rare earth materials literally puts the brakes on the spool to prevent backlash. The magnetic braking control actually creates a magnetic field which resists the passage of metal (the spool) through it's field. The greater the spool, the greater the breaking force. (1983 Penn Catalog)

Ideal for casting, jigging or light trolling for species like bluefish, yellowtail, school tuna etc. (1992 Penn Catalog)


Name/Series: 900 Series, Mag Power Series


    Shielded stainless steel ball bearings.
    Precision machinized black anodized aluminum spool.
    Reinforced fiberglass side plates.
    Black anodized aluminum spacer bars.
    Stainless steel main and pinion gears.
    Stainless steel star drag system.
    Counterbalanced handle with barrel type knob.
    Distinctive clicker.



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