85, 185, 190 Seaboy Reel Specs  

REEL INFO: 85 Seaboy - A fishermen's favorite for salt water and inland river fishing thanks to it's rugged construction at a modest cost. Has free spool action, star drag, sliding click. Reinforced plastic spool model.(1983 Penn Catalog)

190 Seaboy (Original) - Ideal reel for light tackle bay fishign. Capacity 100 years #9 Line. Reel seat fits fresh and salt water rods. the spiral cut gears are triple multiplying for speedy action. Free spool clutch is operated by a snap lever on rim. Spool end play can be taken up by an adjustable bearing. A sliding click provides for arresting spool. Reel can be lubricated from the outside. Metal Parts are nickel-plated. The small streamlined end plates are beautifully engraved and 2 ¾" in diameter.
(1950 Penn Catalog)

185 and 190 Seaboy (1990s) - The next generation of the famous seaboy reels feature newly styled high strength side plates, a lightweight black anodized aluminum spool and a powerful 3.5:1 Gear
Ratio. Equipped with powerful gears, these USA-made reels are the reels to wind up with, whether you're drifting, chumming, working a wreck or bottom fishing. Great for fish like flounder, cod, sea bass, and even large catfish. The Penn Seaboy® was upgraded in 2004 for even better performance and durability. New features include a larger handle, machined-aluminum spool, stainless steel pinion, and improved free spool.
(2004 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY: The first Sea Boy general purpose reel, the 190 original was a very basic reel. The longest running of the series was model #85 which was designed and manufactured before 1941 and wasn't discontinued until the late 80's. All external parts of that reel were made of solid brass and corrosion resistant, with a plastic spool.

Name/Series: Seaboy, Light Bay Tackle Reel


  • 190 Original: This is a direct drive version of the reel, unlike it's modern model, this has no drags or drag star and no anti-reverse.
  • 1940s models began with plastic spool then changed to 29M Chrome plated brass spool that provided strength and better line capacity. 1990s models used black aluminum spool.
  • 1940s Early models had bakelite plates. 1990s models had Graphite sides
  • Solid brass, corrosion resistant side plates.
  • Reinforced plastic spool action.
  • One-shot lubrication.
  • Free spool action.
  • HT-100 multi-disc star drag system.
  • Loud, durable, clicker.
  • 1940s Early models used dual knob or single knob handle. 1990s models have large oversized handle.



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