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General Info:

When will my order ship?
Policies / Notes.
Lost / Damaged shipments.


Shipping costs USA.
Why no first class envelopes?
APO/FPO Military Shipping.
Do you ship to Guam or other US Territories?
I want to ship to a guest at a hotel.


Shipping costs International.
MAKE SURE that you enter the correct address.
Customs & Duty Information.
Overdue/Delayed international shipments.
Can you ship my order as a gift?

Non-Shippable Items.

Can I send to a U.S. address then forward it?
I want to ship to a guest at a hotel. List of Countries that we DO NOT ship to.


Q:  "When will my order ship?"
    A:  Within 24hrs during week days! We ship USPS/UPS Monday thru Friday, USPS on Saturday morning. Orders placed before 10 a.m. EST will ship the same day those days. Orders placed after hours or on the weekends will ship on the next available shipping day.

    Click to view detailed shipping schedule

    Click to view UPS transit time

    Shipping Options USA

    •Local Pickup
    •USPS First Class Mail** (up to 14 business days)
    •USPS Priority Mail** (average 2-3 business days)
    •UPS Ground (preferred, up to 6 business days)
    •UPS Three Day (preferred, 3 business days guaranteed)
    •UPS Second Day Air (preferred, 2 business days guaranteed)
    •UPS Next Day Air Saver (preferred, next business day by 5PM)
    •UPS Next Day Air (preferred, next business day)

    **NOT delivery time guaranteed, does not provide detailed tracking.
    "BUSINESS DAYS" means Monday-Friday and does not include count of the weekend.
    Click here for International shipping information

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 Tracking Your Package:

TRACKING: http://www.packagetrackr.com/ (Universal Package Tracker)

    To find your order's tracking #:
  • Go To: My Account via tabs at the top of the catalog
  • Log in to your account and use My Account to access your orders
  • Click on the order number to view it's details
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the invoice screen to view the shipping section, where you will find the tracking number.
    We do not currently have live USPS tracking, so you would copy that number and go to http://www.packagetrackr.com/.
    UPS tracking IS LIVE and can be access directly from the catalog by clicking on the tracking number.

USPS does not offer tracking on ordinary mail. Only the Express Mail product has true tracking. Priority Mail will sometimes show some rudimentary "tracking" information, but this is not guaranteed (and is considered delivery confirmation only by USPS). As we do not currently offer Express Mail, the best tracking offered is by using UPS shipping.
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 Shipping Cost USA:

Obtaining shipping rates:
Once you have added items to the shopping cart, there is a shipping calculator that will allow you to preview the rates available prior to checkout.

As of 3/15/11 With the installation of live USPS pricing in the new catalog, we are adding first class shipping with delivery confirmation on a trial basis (Offered by Stamps.com). If it works out, we will continue to offer it, as this will reduce shipping costs for the customer on those really light weight orders such as one spring or a few screws.

    USA Shipping Services Offered:
  • Weight of 13 oz and under (and under $50.00): USPS First Class w/Confirmation will be available, as well as Priority Mail and UPS.
  • Over 13 oz (and $50.00+): USPS Priority Mail and UPS options only.

We ship MANY orders where the parts total is less then five dollars before shipping. Every order that is less then $15.00 total would actually be costing us money to process without the handling charge. We are not like a bookstore selling $30 books here with a 300% mark up, our working margins are much lower.

We offer a free web resource tool at PennParts.com, with schematics, online troubleshooting and repair tips, plus live help fixing problems via the Chat or eMail. None of this is free to maintain and host, it's an estimated $1500/month servers and advertising, plus payroll. We share all of this with our customers without adding more to handling fee. The handling fee just covers billing/packing the order.

We DO NOT SELL your information to make up for the web expenses.

We have over 6500 unique part numbers in stock and we process orders to ship the SAME DAY that orders are received. Maintaining inventory is expensive and most companies do not want to do that anymore; we are an exception because everything that we carry is here in stock.

Our level of service is a choice for you to make. If you care to spend a little more, it's like choosing to go to a fancy restaurant rather than McDonalds.
~Scott Albertson, Owner, Scott's Bait & Tackle, www.pennparts.com and www.scottsbt.com


USPS rates changed again on Jan 23, 2013
Base shipping costs vary by zipcode/weight.
USPS First Class ranges from $1.95 to $3.65 (13 oz max wt.)
USPS Priority Mail starts around $6 to $10, going up from there by wt.
UPS Ground is generally $2-3 dollars higher than Priority Mail

There is also a handling charge applied to all orders, regardless of size.

    Estimated cost of processing an order.
    • .28 box
    • 1.65 time processing paperwork/pulling part/packing
    • .12 cost of shipping label
    • .85 credit card/Paypal trans fee
             (based on a 9.15 order total)
    • .12 Printing (3 sheets and ink cost)
    • .09 business card
    • .10 bag/misc materials
    • -----
      = 3.20 COST not including shipping. To pack/ship one part under $1 would put us in the negative without the handling fee.

    Our Handling Fees

    First Class: $3.50 (Includes $0.19 Delivery Conf Fee and a $.014 small order surcharge)
    All other USPS methods: $3.20
    UPS: $3.00

    These fees will already be included in all rates listed during checkout.
Use of regular envelopes:   
    We have had parts with the request: "Just put it in an envelope". This doesn't work. We have had customers send us parts back that way, that never arrived because the USPS sorter jammed on the part and ate the envelope (see example below), so that the parts were either mangled or lost entirely.
    IF SENDING BACK PARTS, use our box, as that will ensure the parts make it intact.
    Regular envelopes are NOT recommended when sending anything that is not perfectly flat.
    We don't use bubble mailers either, because they actually cost more than our custom 5x5x5 boxes.
We hope this makes shipping fees and choices available easier to understand.
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 Lost or damaged shipments:


Scott's Bait & Tackle is not responsible for lost shipments if incorrect or outdated shipping information was supplied by the customer.

  • If the shipping company returns the package, it is the customers responsibility to pay for reshipment cost.
  • If the shipping company returns the package and the customer wishes to cancel the order, refund will be issued for item(s) only; shipping is non-refundable.
  • If the package is lost and not returned by the shipping company, it will then be the customers responsibility to pay for the order over again if they still wish to receive the item(s).

If Scott's Bait & Tackle makes a labeling mistake however, then we will reship the order once at our cost; again, this does not apply if the customer supplied incorrect information.


We package our goods carefully. Scott's Bait & Tackle is NOT responsible for a damaged shipment if insurance was not requested by the customer at time of purchase. The online catalog does not currently allow for the addition of insurance during checkout - it must be requested and added to the order separately.

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 International Shipping Rates:

    International Shipping Services Offered:
    We had too many difficulties with lost orders via Air Parcel Post and cheaper methods, so we do not offer it.
    USPS Priority Mail and UPS Worldship are the options. Heavier orders will only come up with UPS pricing.

    HANDLING: $3.20 Handling fee is already included in all shipping prices shown during checkout.

    SEE ALSO: Customs Fees, Transit Times and Delays!

Obtaining shipping rates:
Once you have added items to the shopping cart, there is a shipping calculator that will allow you to preview the rates available prior to checkout.

Our least expensive International shipping is USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box (with size restrictions!)

PMI Small Flat Rate Box
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
(includes handling) (4 lb. weight limit) (Based on Jan 22, 2013 rate change)

$23.15 to Canada
$27.15 to all other countries.
Restrictions Apply - these boxes are for small parts orders ONLY and cannot be used for larger items.

PMI small flat rate box (RESTRICTIONS!):
This box is for small items including washers, screws etc.; flat items whose size/bulk DOES NOT exceed:

1 ½ H x 5 in. W x 8 ¼ in. L
38mm H x 127mm W x 209mm L
    Examples of items that WILL NOT FIT:
  • Spools and rotors higher than 1 inch
  • Housings
  • Side plates wider than 4 ½ inches

  • If you are not sure, measure your old parts to see if new ones fit in this box

Other options (for items like rotors, spools and larger orders that will not fit in the small flat box) are:
USPS Priority Mail International™ (20 lb. weight limit) Begins around $25, varies by country/weight
USPS Express Mail International™ (20 lb. weight limit) Begins around $55, varies by country/weight
UPS Worldship See Details.

USPS Express Mail International™ (EMI)

Express Mail International (formerly "Global Express Mail") provides reliable, 3-5 average business day delivery to more than 190 countries. Specific average-days-for-delivery information to major destinations will be available via the USPS online postage rate calculator (Reminder - We add $3.00 handling to all shipping charges). PLEASE NOTE: This transit time DOES NOT include delays caused by customs when the package arrives in the destination country. See Customs section below for more details.

USPS Priority Mail International™ (PMI)

Available to more than 190 countries, Priority Mail International service offers 6-10 average business day delivery. PLEASE NOTE: This transit time DOES NOT include delays caused by customs when the package arrives in the destination country. See Customs section for more details.

UPS Worldwide

Click on UPS options below to view detailed shipping information:


List of Countries that we DO NOT ship to.

Please be aware that we may not be able to ship to some countries due to postal restrictions or import license requirements, even if the online system comes up with rates for it. We will contact you if we cannot complete your order and your card will not be charged if that is the case.

To comply with US Export regulations, we cannot ship to these countries:
Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea (DPRK), Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Uruguay
Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, Falkland Islands
Ghana, India, Indonesia, Israel, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria
Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Venezuela
* Other Countries At Our Discretion (This list may be added to at any time)
This is due to chronic lost/stolen/fraudulent order problems. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause legitimate customers in those countries, but we can no longer absorb the costs of these problem orders.
We DO ship to APO addresses no matter where they are!

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 International Customs Information:

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 International Misc. Information:


Please read the section on Customs and International Postal services!

 WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AS GIFTS! It is against U.S. regulations to inaccurately report the value of an exported item.


Non-Shippable Items

WE DO NOT SHIP aerosol products of any kind, handwarmer fluid, or knives, internationally.


Order Forwarding Thru Friend or Business

If you have your international order shipped to someone in the U.S., to be forwarded from there to you, WE ARE NOT responsible if the order is lost or damaged in transit due to that secondary shipper. Proceed at your own risk.


BE CAREFUL To enter your address information correctly.

    We are not responsible for orders that do not arrive due to an incorrectly entered shipping address.
    Please make sure that all required information is included in your address.
    We will NOT reship such an order, nor will it be refunded.
    You would have to reorder and supply corrected information and pay for the order a second time.

Payment options for international orders

We only accept payments for international orders via PAYPAL or credit card. No personal checks, no international money orders.

If an international customer is placing an order for ANY ITEM other than repair parts for reels, such as reels, clothing etc., we REQUIRE payment to be made via Paypal.com VERIFIED account only. We will not accept any international Paypal payment from an unverified account.

Returns on international orders

There are no returns or exchanges on international orders. Please be extremely careful in what you order at the time the order is placed.

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Territories and Military Addresses:

Q:  SHIPPING TO United States and U.S. Territories:

    "Do you ship to my Guam or Puerto Rico address? "
      A:  YES: The online system should accept any U.S. address with a U.S. Zipcode without any difficulty.

      U.S. orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS.


    "Do you ship to my APO address? "
      A:  YES: The online system should accept APO/FPO addresses without any difficulty.
        There are two options for military shipping:
      • USPS Priority Mail 5x5x5 (small box for parts)
      • USPS Priority Mail Military APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Box (Recommended only for larger items like thermal wear)
    USPS OnlyArmed Services Logos

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Shipping to Hotels, Motels and Lodges

We do:
Ship to places that are doing their own reel repair, such as Hotels and Lodges offering that service.

We do NOT:
Ship to GUESTS at Hotels, Motels and Lodges. This is because we cannot guarantee that the package will arrive during the time that the guest is at the hotel, as the shipping services are not that realiable and we have had increasing difficulties in accomplishing this. As of February 2013, we not longer ship to guests.

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